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Hamilton Wentworth Occasional Teacher Local

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Our Mission:

The Hamilton-Wentworth Occasional Teacher Local aims to provide quality professional, protective and administrative services to members by promoting a high level of professional ethics and competence valuing the work of its members and officers.

HWOTL EXECUTIVE Hamilton Wentworth
President: Barry Naidoo Occasional Teacher Local
1st Vice President: Tammy Clark 152 Hester Street
2nd Vice President: Nguyen Trang Hamilton,ON L9A 2N8
Secretary/Treasurer : Kerry Duench Phone: 905-547-7221
Member at Large: Ann-Marie Anie Email: hwotl13@gmail.com
Member at Large: Fionn Gillett-Smyth Fax: 905-547-9599

HWDSB : 905-527-5092 ETFO : 1-888-838-3836
SFX : X 2276 QECO : 1-800-385-1030
IT : X 2114 OCT : 1-888-534-2222
Payroll : X 2226 OTIP : 1-800-267-8847

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